When people ask ‘where you work?’ and you respond with ‘Darwalla’, now you will no   longer have to explain who we are and what we do—you can show them a video!

Our own videographer, director and drone pilot Navith (pictured below) has put together a series of videos of the different work areas of Darwalla.  This came about after his original breeder video was met with great enthusiasm.

The first video starts at the beginning of the Darwalla process, with our rearing farms.  Please click on the image below to see the video, or watch it on our re-vamped website,

We will be releasing further videos in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for the next instalment!


On our farms we have welcomed Paige & Elisha to the Laidley Larrikins as well as Raj, Mahesh & Abhinaysankar who have joined the Mt Molar Sharks just in time for their new flock placement.   At Mt Cotton, we welcome Steve & Gavin to our feed mill team as drivers.  Thank you all for choosing to work with us.


Alyssha from Killarney recently earned herself a cool $200 in gift vouchers, after the two employees she referred to Darwalla passed their 6 month probation period.  Thank you Alyssha and enjoy your vouchers!  For all available positions, please see our careers page at our website:


One day Bec, our Assistant Manager at the Killarney Rearing Farm, spotted Breeder Operations Manager Danny looking particularly dashing in his Darwalla jacket.  Bec decided there & then that she wanted one too! 

Danny just managed to keep possession of his jacket that day, but giving it some more thought, Bec made the suggestion that the Darwalla jackets could be given to staff to recognize their loyalty to the company. 

And so last week we visited Bec so she could be the first to choose her Darwalla jacket.  Employees with more than 5 years service to Darwalla will soon be choosing their own jacket also. 

Thanks for the great suggestion, Bec!


Darwalla was recently awarded as finalist for the South East Region in the Queensland    Training Awards. 

These awards recognize outstanding achievement in vocational educational training and acknowledge the efforts of our QHSE team, especially Bob, pictured below left with Juan. 

Congratulations and thank you for your efforts to train our people.

Meet our growers: Sothy—Gatton 17-24

Sothy has been managing a farm at Darwalla since 2006, looking after 8 sheds in our Gatton complex.  Sothy is a quiet achiever who recently picked up not just ONE but TWO  Aviagen 450 PIF awards!  Sothy also holds the Darwalla record for the highest ever PIF achieved—463.32—which is an incredible achievement and is testament to his and his teams dedication.

  • How did you get into chicken farming?  Agriculture was always part of my life.  I grew up in Cambodia and when I was around 11 years old, I worked in a chicken farm.  My parents had their own farm where they grew ducks, chickens & pigs, as well as some crops.  This is why I originally studied agriculture. 
    I first worked at Darwalla around 2000 when the Gatton farm was a breeder complex and I was a student at Gatton college, studying Agricultural Engineering.  I finished college in 2004 & started working back at Gatton in 2005, which was now growing broilers, before   Peter Andrews, Luke Crowe and Jack Houweling offered for me to manage my own farm from 2006.
  • What did you do BC (before chickens)?  I worked for the Government in Cambodia, managing a farm machinery workshop.  I received a Government scholarship to study in Australia, which is how I came to be at Gatton.  Prior to studying in Australia, I also studied Agricultural Engineering in Slovakia for 5 years, so I speak Khmer, Slovak & English. 
  • What do you like best about your job?  I like the agriculture field & the lifestyle on a farm. My daughter left home to study pharmacy and she is now a qualified pharmacist, managing a Malouf Pharmacy in Toowoomba, so it is quieter in our house with just my wife & I.
  • If you weren’t a chicken farmer, you’d be…?  I might be working for the Ministry of Agriculture in Cambodia.  I met my wife in Cambodia and we decided to live in Australia as it was a better place to raise our daughter.
  • What do you do when you’re not working in the sheds?   When we can, we like to travel and I like the ocean, but we also enjoy the Bunya Mountains, being in nature & bushwalking.
  • What’s your favourite chicken dish?  My daughter and I love eating a traditional Cambodian chicken soup called Sa-ngo Chrouk Sach Moun.  It’s very tasty and made with chilli, lemongrass,  kaffir lime leaves, basil & rice. 
  • Which Darwalla farmer do want to nominate next?  Marcel from Mt Hallen.



Each month, each department or farm in Darwalla is required to submit information on their safety compliance.  For the month of June, every department achieved full compliance and    according to our stats, while our safety compliance is always good, we have never reached this 100% milestone.

Because of COVID, we had to add more to this list and yet our teams have met all the requirements on top of their day-to-day duties.  This has been achieved through continuous training, follow ups and full commitment of all personnel. 

The QHSE Best Practice Meeting has been a great contributor to the success and has empowered the QHSE Advisors to start taking on these tasks. 

Thank you and well done—it all helps to keep us safe.


With the world being an uncertain place for business and insurance costs rising, Darwalla  recently asked our insurer to help us review the strategic and corporate risks facing our company. 

These risks were evaluated and assessed by our Senior Leadership Team, who have ensured our big-ticket risks are being addressed in our operational plans. 

It is a daunting but necessary task for Darwalla to meet their vision of being a ‘robust, sustainable and growing company for customers, community, employees and family’.

Project Updates


Our next Rearing farm is in the final design stage.


As Mount Manning is too similar in name to Mount Molar, we’re changing the name of our new breeder farm to “Bony Mountain”.  This farm in the initial design phase, with a consultation group including some of our farm managers providing input on the design for this project, as well as the Sandy Camp and the Hatchery.


The final setters have been installed and are about to be commissioned ready for eggs to be set in late July.  This means our hatchery is ready for 100% capacity!  Plans are being designed for the next stage of hatchery duplication and the council approval process is beginning.


Earthworks are complete after some rain delays and construction has commenced—see       pictures below.  The first sheds are due to be completed in November.


After a lot of patience, town water is now connected to our German Church and Stern Road Free Range farms.  We are now no longer solely reliant upon mother nature to fill our dams, making us more resilient as a company.



Darwalla’s Charity Partner Foodbank Queensland recently shared a real story of Queensland hunger… 

After suffering a debilitating injury, job loss and a bad breakup, musician Ben found himself living in the bushes in Southbank.

With no home and no income, he did the only thing that he could do – he busked. Finding a local food relief charity was such a huge stress relief and also financial relief. Being able to depend on food from other sources helped Ben divert any funds he had towards essential items, like underwear, socks, and shoes. “Food relief helped me piece my life back together again. I’m eternally grateful for Foodbank and their donors. This support really makes a difference.”

To read Ben’s full story, visit:

Engagement Survey

We know we’re not perfect.  We know there are probably things we can improve on. 

Please let us know your ideas to make Darwalla a better place to work by giving us your opinions and feedback.  Whether you are a brand new employee or an old hand, we’d love to hear from all Darwalla employees.

To encourage responses but maintain anonymity, the work area with the most improved response rate (the number of responses) received by 31 July will   receive a $100 gift voucher to be won by a lucky employee.

To complete the survey, please access via this QR code, check your email or look our for the Darwalla SMS. 

Thank you for your participation!