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Biosecurity & Risk Management

Companies is committed to preventing the introduction of infectious disease agents to poultry, preventing the spread of disease agents from an infected area to an uninfected area and to minimising the incidence and spread of microorganisms of public health significance.

This will be achieved by:

  • Ensuring awareness by and training all production area employees in all relevant biosecurity requirements.
  • Limiting and controlling access to poultry production areas by people .
  • Preventing access by livestock, wild birds and other animals (including pests).
  • Minimising the risk of introducing or spreading a disease or contaminant through people movement including: staff, contractors, suppliers and visitors ensuring water used in poultry sheds for drinking, cooling and cleaning , is of a standard suitable for livestock and is sanitised satisfactorily.
  • Responding rapidly to the detection of animal health issues following Biosecurity standards in accordance with the National Biosecurity Manual, developed by the Australian Chicken Meat Federation.

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