Animal welfare

animalwelfareAll Darwalla chickens are fed on a carefully balanced diet of wheat, barley, sorghum, soya meal, sunflower meal and other essential vitamins and minerals to ensure a very healthy and highly nutritious chicken.

Chicken meat is not a genetically modified food and hormones are not used in the chicken meat industry.

Chickens at Darwalla Group of Companies are grown to the requirements of the National Animal Welfare Standards for the chicken meat industry. 

Darwalla grows both free range and barn raised chickens to RSPCA standards.  Our free range chickens are kept safe in our fully-netted ranges while outside.  The sheds in which we grow the chickens are environmentally managed so that the chickens are not exposed to climatic extremes.  Our chickens are never grown in cages.

Darwalla Group of Companies employs a nutritionist & veterinarian who together ensure the health and welfare of our chickens throughout their life as well as ensuring that our chickens are wholesome and safe to eat.