About Us

Our History

Poultry was first grown commercially in Mt Cotton by the late Adolf Benfer in 1933.

The first commercial processing of chicken for meat by the Company was in 1948 in a primitive plant in Lota. The operation quickly outgrew this plant and in 1952 a more modern plant was established on the Brisbane River in Stanley Street South Brisbane. South Bank now exists on this site. In 1967 a new larger plant (Golden Cockerel) was established on our present site at Mt. Cotton.

Golden Cockerel has continued to update its equipment and now proudly boasts a world standard state of the art processing plant, using modern equipment and practices.

The poultry industry, in just fifty years, has become a highly efficient producer of one of the cheapest and most sustainable sources of animal protein.  Chicken is the most efficient land-based animal, making it the most sustainable protein.

Darwalla has expanded and now have facilities located at Mt Cotton, the Darling Downs and the Lockyer Valley.



Our Process



Fertile egg production is a two part process. Day old parent stock received from the Primary Breeding companies are reared for 21  weeks on a rearing farm. Our key focus is to transfer happy, healthy, uniform male and female Breeders so our teams concentrate on body weight, conformation, vaccination and uniformity. At around 21 weeks of age they are transferred to a production farm where our staff focus on bringing the birds into production of fertile eggs. Here we are focused on body weight and fertility of the hatching eggs. All our breeders are housed in modern mechanically ventilated facilities.



Eggs are incubated in the Darwalla Hatchery for 21 days. Our goal is to provide our broiler growers with good quality, healthy day old chicks. The hatchery team keeps the facilities spotlessly clean and manages the incubation process closely to achieve optimum hatchability. Hatched day old chicks are delivered to broiler farms.




Day old chicks are placed in modern growing facilities under the care of farmers totally focused on bird welfare. The chicks are grown in comfortable conditions, both free range and barn raised, to achieve optimum growth and feed conversion. Birds are delivered to meet our customers’ requirements. Darwalla is an Approved Producer for farming Meat Chickens both indoor and outdoor standards under the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme.



feedmillFeed Mill

Darwalla’s FeedSafe accredited mill produces high quality nutritious poultry feed. The mill team ensures efficient production and delivery to meet the birds’ requirements.





Darwalla outsources the catching and transport to Multiquip.  Their team ensures that all birds are reliably and efficiently delivered into our customers’ processing plants within the time frame required.

Multiquip's chicken catchers are trained to catch and load birds with consideration of their welfare throughout the process.